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networking_platform on 26 June 2017

The most distinct feature of the atb_experience is that participants will be actively involved in shaping the program and will be able to arrange meet ups with other participants with similar agendas. During the networking_platform the international and national participants will be motivated to discuss their experiences, nature impressions and ideas through interaction, moderation and networking concepts. All participants are becoming creators, are taking part at the program in a very active way and will benefit from these combined efforts.

Time: 08:45 – 13:20
Location: experience_hub

Product Specialists:

Alpenregion Bludenz Tourismus / Kerstin Biedermann-Smith

Alpenregion Bludenz: Alpine pasture and herbal walk with the Alchemilla herbalists

The Grosses Walsertal biosphere park is known for a diversity of rough pastures and a sheer endless abundance of different herbs and plants. But who actually knows them all? Guided by a genuine expert from the Alchemilla herbalists, we foray the pastures and forests and learn about herbs we normally pass carelessly. All senses are involved. What do edible herbs look like? How do they taste? For which dish can they be best used? And how are they processed? Find out the answers to all these questions yourself on a guided walk with one of the Alchemilla herbalists.

Bianca is(s)t / Bianca Gusenbauer

The Taste of Vienna 

Bianca is chef, writer, food lover and entertainer who found her professional mission in the kitch*n and on the road. For foreign visitors she offers hands-on cooking classes in her private house or in cooking studios as well as entertaining food tours in the city center. Pleasure and passion in food is what Bianca lives for.

Bodensee Vorarlberg Tourismus / Urs Treuthardt

Bodensee-Vorarlberg: Self-distilled art

Roland Adlassnig, artist and liquor distiller, is just one of the many distilleries in the region. Distilling brandy has a long tradition in the Lake Constance-Vorarlberg region. Many distilleries do not only invite you to buy a bottle or two, but also to taste their home-distilled products – in addition to fine brandies, the product line now also includes whisky and gin. Liquors and distilled brandies are not a classical tourism product, but the distilleries take pride in hosting visitors.
In our communication we try to share stories about the people who live here which explain the region, our customs, traditions and culture to our visitors. The general theme for 2017 is fine dining and fine brandies.

Bregenzerwald Tourismus / Herlinde Moosbrugger

Bregenzerwald: Metzler’s dairying school for cheese lovers – a school out of the ordinary

Seeing, tasting, smelling and feeling – that’s what dairying at our dairying school is all about. With plenty of milk, the right recipe and carefully chosen ingredients, you will be successful in making your own, tasty soft cheese. While the cheese has to rest for at least an hour, you will learn more while feasting on a cheese platter about the importance of whey as a spin-off product in cheese-making. You and your family will be thrilled to serve your self-made cheese back home after the recipes of our grandmother.

Guide / Alexa Brauner

Customized Guided Tours in Vienna with Alexa Brauner

Being a licensed local guide since 1992, art historian since 2008 and psychological counselor since 2017 my focus in guiding in Vienna is combining the individual need of my clients with the beauty of Vienna. Focussing on history, music, art and architecture – of all periods till today – I like to show hidden treasures of the city and try to remain always in the context of my clients’ needs. In a few words: Customized Tours off the beaten tracks is my speciality for individual travelers and small groups. My favourite museum is the Museum of Applied Art at the moment and I love the combination of historical and contemporary art and lifestyle in Vienna. One of my favourite tours I give is about the former Suppliers to the Imperial Court.

Hotel Altstadt Vienna / Otto Wiesenthal

The Art of Hospitality – Hotel Altstadt Vienna

The art of hospitality lives from the people of the Altstadt Vienna. From sincere and genuine hosts. And from the best guests we could ever wish to have.

Hotel Arlberg / Benjamin Schofer

Hotel Arlberg

A family run hotel, at one of Lech’s most beautiful spots, Hotel Arlberg combines luxury and tradition. Culinary delights, exclusive living ambiance, a state-of-the-art spa and warm hospitality make Hotel Arlberg a unique holiday accomodation.

Hotel Miramonte & Alpine Spa Haus Hirt / Evelyn Ikrath

sommer.frische.kunst Art Festival 2017

During the summer months, the once crowned Monte Carlo of the Alps – spa town & resort Bad Gastein (in the Salzburger region of Austria) – plays host to an inspiring artists-in-residence cultural programme now in its 7th year: sommer.frische.kunst (Summer Fresh Art). Bad Gastein – a popular ski & spa resort in the winter – transforms itself in the warm summery months into a cultural hub of artistic brilliance set against the town’s abundant belle-époque heritage and dramatic mountain scenery that surrounds. Owners, hotel pioneers and self confessed art lovers – Spa yoga guru Evelyn & architect husband Ike Ikrath (Haus Hirt Hotel & Miramonte Hotel) call the festival “A cultural lifeline that brings a fresh new focus on the town but also allows young contemporary artists the opportunity to shine. The place becomes alive with culture, loved by us all, like one big family”.

Kleinwalsertal Tourismus / Anne Riedler

Kleinwalsertal: Superfood sourced in nature as an example of regionality

People are increasingly concerned about the origin of the food they eat. An organic quality seal alone no longer does it, since many organic products travel long distances before they end up on a shelf. Where a product comes from is meanwhile a decisive factor – ideally the combination of organic and regional. Visitors and locals alike want to know what is the origin of products and be assured of their Quality.
In the GenussRegion Kleinwalsertal, a special-interest pool promoting local game and beef has formed. This is a well-organised and functioning network of farmers, hunters, processors, retailers, lodges and inns. Everyone who is involved benefits from this cooperation which is to raise awareness for high-quality regional produce throughout the Kleinwalsertal, among both visitors and customers, and therefore enhances its value added.
Superfood is currently on everybody’s mind – and literally on everybody’s palate. Unfortunately, many ingredients that are wholesome for our system tend to have a bland taste to them, because they have travelled hundreds, even thousands of kilometres before ending up on our plates. But nature at our doorstep, at least in and around Kleinwalsertal, supplies premium-quality superfood. Here, dried apples from Lake Constance meet prunes from the GenussRegion Stanzer Zwetschke, and Kleinwalsertal honey with the finest mountain-hay aromas from luscious alpine pastures. A thorough know-how of medicinal herbs and natural cooking, knowledge about nature which is shared in programmes such as themed herbal walks and workshops, are the basis for the creation of these authentic regional superfoods. You are more than welcome to sample some of the finest examples!

Kufstein / Stefan Pühringer

Nature & Culture – Erl Festival Tyrol

Embedded in the powerful scenery of the Kaiser Mountains on the Austrian/Bavarian border, the newly constructed and architecturally striking Festival Hall of Erl is a must for „Wagnerians“: with the production of Rossini operas, a new staging of Mozart’s “The Magic Flute”, Wagner’s “Ring” on four consecutive days, concerts with different orchestras, top-class chamber music evenings including pieces of Beethoven and Rachmaninov, the Tyrolean festival Erl in summer is a multifaceted festival season. In addition to that, the Kufsteinerland region is hosting passion plays, operetta events on the famous Kufstein fortress and a series of other cultural delights. Your days in Kufsteinerland will be a revitalising nature & culture vacation.

Landgut Moserhof / Gerhild Hartweger

Landgut Moserhof – Authentic Farm Holidays Deluxe

Landgut Moserhof combines authentic farm holidays with quality experiences at the highest level. Enjoy your stay in stay in authentic alpine huts, chalets either in the holiday village or on alpine pastures, in an original mountain hut or mountain chalet with exclusive ambience. Bite into a fresh apple, freshly picked, taste warm break, fresh out of the wooden stove or feed the animals. Many guests haven’t enjoyed those pleasant experiences since they’ve been children. The Hartweger family values and practices sustainability and mindfulness in their daily life with both: their farm animals as well as their local produce. This appreciation of nature, honest hospitality and a real glimpse into authentic county life is what guest can experience at the Landgut Moserhof in Carinthia.

Lech Zürs Tourismus / Hermann Fercher

Lech Zürs: The Green Ring

On this three-day hike consisting of several legs across and through valleys, passing mountain brooks and streams, and secret waterfalls around Lech Zürs, hikers can engage in a world of modern legends and fairy tales, orchestrated with plenty of wit and charm. Enjoy nature while being enchanted by striking installations and stories that were created specifically for this purpose. Mythical creatures, legends, as well as field names and geographical particularities are explained in a modern-day and humorous approach.
A literary hiking map will guide you to unexplored, inspiring and entertaining spots which are difficult to make out with the naked eye. Strategically positioned benches which beckon for a rest, and various stagings help you focus your view on these fleeting twilight zones. But when you have reached the three peaks you are to conquer, don’t forget to cast a glance into the distance and capture the fabulous mountain scenery in the summit book.

Montafon Tourismus / Roland Fritsch

Mountain Farming Hands-on in Montafon

The mountain farming week offers interested visitors an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the life and work of mountain farmers and to try their own hands at farming. Here, nothing is artificially staged just for the tourist. Visitors come to Montafon and see how mountain farmers go about their work. They are allowed to help at making hay, at Gmewerch*, and may try their hands at dairying. During the visit at the farm and the beekeeper, they will learn many new and surprising facts they may have never given a thought to before. Gerhard Blaas, an alp and hiking guide, accompanies the party during the individual programme Features.
Not that the participants will have become genuine dairy farmers or gardeners after their week on the mountain farm, but they will have acquired a different perspective of what mountain farming is all about – and with every glass of milk they will in future be reminded of how mountain farmers do their work and of everything that goes with it.

*Gmewerch: In order to keep alpine terrain clear for grazing, farmers who take their cattle to the high-alpine pastures must spend many hours of voluntary work (“Gmewerch”). In addition to cleaning up, they need to mend fences, cut down shrubs and dig up weeds.

Mostviertel Tourismus / Andreas Purt

Gourmet Tour Mostviertel – Pears, Dirndl Fruit, Game and Wine

Enjoy culinary treats in the Mostviertel! Pear, Dirndl fruit, game and wine are the four new gourmet tours , inviting you to take a culinary expedition through the Mostviertel. Creative food producers open their farm doors. Watch them closely producing cheese, petting their cows and catching fish. Local chefs share their culinary secrets with you and let you sample the dishes, followed by a shared meal.

Neusiedler See Tourismus / Stefan Schindler

Summerfestivals in the Region Neusiedler See

Numerous summer festivals take place in the region Neusiedler See within a radius of 50 km. You can enjoy genres from operettas to operas even Josef Hayden festivals or classic festivals up to rock festivals or theater festivals – all cultural genres are considered.  The region recognized the boom of culture in every variety and therefore you can find all music genres in a small area.

nordic academy / Maree Burtscher

Austrian Alps Walking Holidays

A boutique 10-day Walking Holiday to experience the authentic Austrian Alps, and the Walser culture and community of Grosses Walsertal. Explore and experience the spectacular and diverse region – not only taking in its majestic mountains, serene spring lake, flower-filled meadows, traditional culture and breathtaking scenery but also experiencing its unique balance of man living in harmony with nature.

Schloss Lerchenhof / Hans Steinwender

1st Cabriolet-Hotel in the Alpe Adria region / Carinthia – the most beautiful trips in Carinthia – Friaul – Slovenia

Discover imposing mountain worlds and experience the magical diversity. Get on tour on the traces of the oldest rally of the world, feel the air on the legendary trips in the Alpe Adria region and capture “topless” the most beautiful and most popular Alpine passes. A wonderful old garden surrounds the castle and offers lot of space for a restorative stay. The rooms are individually furnished and comfortable. The restaurant has been rewarded many times and the lived agriculture is the reason for high quality. A place of power to collect energy and to feel good.

Schloß Schönbrunn / Markus Wiesenhofer

“Why do we eat the way we do?” A unique exhibition on Food at Schloss Hof and Niederweiden 2018-2020

Positioning a cultural attraction through an ambitious special exhibition on food with the participation of local producers Schloss Hof and Niederweiden, in the region of Lower Austria, will stage three successive exhibitions from 2018 to 2020 on one of the most immanent topics of mankind: nutrition. The interactive show will invite visitors with many playful indoor and outdoor exhibits as well as an extensive event programme to a multi-sensual experience and raise awareness of the way we are producing, trading and acting with food. There is probably no better place to debate the history, present and future of food than the context of an intact manor farm with 240 rare animals at Schloss Hof and an originally equipped baroque game-kitchen at Schloss Niederweiden. Located in the Marchfeld region, one of the most fruitful agricultural areas of Austria amidst the two capital cities of Vienna and Bratislava, the exhibition will offer an international showcase for local products and will help to brand the region as a destination for “food lovers”.

St. Anton am Arlberg / Wilma Himmelfreundpointner

Mountain Yoga Festival St. Anton

For the second time, the yoga mats will be rolled out in the surrounding nature of St. Anton am Arlberg, where the village will transform to a big yoga studio in the middle of the Tyrolean Alps.
The modern and healthy approach of yoga and the alpine landscape of St. Anton am Arlberg work perfectly together. Those two elements are the core of the 4-day festival with a well-rounded program with excellent teachers and experts, that focuses on yogis and nature lovers of all ages.
The festival is a retreat for everyone seeking some time away of the urban jungle. It offers yoga classes for all levels, hikes with local tour guides, workshops, talks,  silent walks, mediation and a lively yoga bazaar to show, browse, mix and mingle.

Steiermark Tourismus / Julia Einfalt

“Cultural enjoyment outdoors“ in Styria

Discover culture from the Alpine north to the fertile south: whether on a musical-culinary tour, in wild flower gardens with lyrical readings or in historic parks during culturally rich picnics. Cultural enjoyment outdoors unfurls its wide range of event programmes from May to October.

example / partners:
Styrian Summer Art / Pöllauer Valley Nature Park / East Styria: Original workshops in the Pöllauer Valley Nature Park: The cultural time-out at the Pöllauer Valley Nature Park tells of colours, shapes and lots of creative joy. Participation is desired here, whether for printing techniques, dance or oil painting.

Austrian Open-Air Museum Stübing / Graz: Culture, enjoyment and nature can be found together in the valley of history: walk past flowering farmers’ gardens and meadows, saunter past historic farmers’ buildings and relax. A walk outdoors, diving into history and taking a closer look at the past culture of local building.

Tourismus Salzburg GmbH / Bert Brugger

Salzburg: City of Churches or Rome of the North

Explore Salzburg as the „Rome of the North“ in all its splendor. For more than 1100 years, Salzburg was an empire of religious and secular power. Baroque squares, narrow passageways and a remarkable number of churches and monasteries show the heritage of the former archbishops in both architecture and culture.
Sacred music, pilgrim routes, special tours and accommodation in catholic institutions make for a fascinating experience.

Tourismusverband Linz / Georg Steiner

Inspiring visitors through modern authenticity

Linz represents a successful and holistic city of our times. In tourism, too, the focus lies on harnessing the potential of this authentic city and establishing links between past and present. Whether it is the Romans and Baroque, or contemporary 20th century history, myriad narratives and annual themes have been developed in order to create new experiences and inspirations for visitors. At the same time, Linz is an emblem of Upper Austria and the noteworthy contributions this state makes to industry, science and culture. We therefore leverage local expertise in the fields of innovation, creativity and modern life in order to enhance the city’s image and, likewise, to enrich the range of activities available to tourists.
Current trends such as the Workation (working and vacation) or Bleasure (business and pleasure) play an increasingly important role in shaping the tourism industry in Linz.
The slogan “Linz changes” not only underpins the city’s museums, music venues and theatres, but also its festivals, gastronomy and shopping experiences, demonstrating how the business environment can inspire and lead visitors to discover new experiences in their leisure time.
Linz has been a UNESCO City of Media since 2014 and at no point does this label seem more fitting than during the annual Ars Electronica Festival. The art of living and shifting borders are at the heart of the city’s touristic themes for 2017 and 2018.
Attractions like Höhenrausch and Klangwolke but also the Valie Export Center and the “School of Disobedience” by Austrian cartoonist Gerhard Haderer show how inspiration for a fulfilling, creative and epicurean life can be applied to the culture and tourism of today.

Tourismusverband Stubai / Roland Volderauer

Stubai Hiking: „WildWaterTrail“ (one route – three stages)

It is not only the unique location and easy accessibility, close to Tyrol’s capital Innsbruck, that make the Stubai Valley perfect for a holiday. The amazing summer and winter sport facilities on offer at the glacier that make it ideal. Stubai has multiple aspects with one thing in common: they are all fascinating.  Home and holiday destination. Living space and recreational area. Sports area and natural paradise. Tradition and modernity. Warmth and strength. Kingdom of Snow and alpine summer. Glaciers and wild waters. High mountains and alpine meadows. Rustic roots and luxury. Adventure and cosy comfort. (365D Stubai)
Water is pure life! Constantly in motion, strong, formative and full of energy, it has always attracted people. Retracing the rapid creek in the Stubai Valley to its origins and to follow its path is particularly exciting. At the WildWaterTrail in the Stubai Valley with its unique alpine sites, this natural phenomenon can be experienced in a fantastic way on three stages. Starting from glacier fields in the sun, deep-blue mountain lakes, some smaller springs that eventually turn into roaring waterfalls, all the way to small clearings and moorlands – the WildWaterTrail has all the different manifestations of the wet element on offer. The WildWaterTrail invites its visitors to view the glacial high valley like an open book, from which the landscape-forming power of water can be read. An exciting history full of dramatic events. The WildWaterTrail is a flagship product of Austria, Tirol in the destination Stubai Tirol. (Along the wildwater)

Trail Angels GmbH / Toni Sauper

Lynx-Trail – Through the Wilderness in the Center of Austria

Based on the ecologic project, „Netzwerk NaturWald“ which connects the habitats of protected areas with „stepping stones“ to protect biodiversity across the alpine range and to support the migration and genetical interchange of species – such as the Lynx.
The Lynx-Trail follows the path of this rare and very shy species, using the same „stepping stones“ to get from one nature reserve to the next getting in touch to the hughe and diverse wilderness in the heart of Austria. It shall give an opportunity to explore the mostly unknown Wilderness-Areas in the very Center of Austria. The Lynx is also a medium to give us a spiritual Acces to Nature.

Urlaub am Bauernhof Österreich / Hans Embacher

Experiencing Farming Life

You spend your vacation on a small scale farm which is fully worked by the farmer’s family. You meet the local people, experience regional traditions and can experience farming life – if desired often hands on. Besides you enjoy the farming produce and discuss with the locals the best places to go / walk / cycle. Thus it is the ideal if you prefer to experience daily life in the region to professional Animation.

Vollpension / Hannah Lux

Vollpension – Social Gastronomy

Socially conscious consumerism is currently an increasing trend that can also be strongly observed in the tourism industry. Vollpension, a social coffeeshop in Vienna´s city center is one successful example offering a top-notch guest experience while creating social impact with their operations. We invite you to get to know their concept, social goals and values as well as learning about other innovative impact organizations that are step by step changing the world to the better.

Weinviertel Tourismus / Hannes Weitschacher

Feasting in Weinviertel

Enjoy a 5 course menu of typical regional delights, served by Weinviertler chefs at long, white-clothed tables in the open air. Wine-growers serve the most suitable wine for your meal. Musicians round off the exclusive experience for the senses.

Zell am See – Kaprun / Renate Ecker

Kitzsteinhorn Explorer Tour

Led by a national park ranger, set out on an exciting journey of discovery from the valley to 3,000 meters above sea level.
During the Kitzsteinhorn Explorer Tour, you travel by cable cars through four climate zones in just one day. The four zones lead you from the valley to the world of the glacier in only one day. Experience how glacier ice is created, where stone eagles and bearded vultures are at home, which survival techniques “Edelweiss” and saxifrage develop. All this and much more you will learn on your trip, which  with 3 cableways up to over 3,000 m and on the easy hikes.
A national park ranger accompanies our explorers, adults and children, on this tour which lasts around three-and-a-half hours, sharing fascinating insights from each different Zone.
The highlight is a visit of the high alpine adventure world “Gipfelwelt 3000”.