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Dialogue of Voices

Stroll and Sing-along with Robert Pakleppa

Duration: 13:30 – 18:00
Group size: 25 persons
Languages: German | English
Category: Stroll | Sing-along
Location: Old church | New church | Huber Hus
Means of transport: On foot



  • 13:30
    Meet and greet Robert Pakleppa at the “glass tent” in the park of Hotel Arlberg.
  • 14:00 – 17:30
    At selected sites in Lech we create collective sound spaces – by singing together as one of the oldest forms of communication.
  • 18:00
    Return to the point of departure. From there, your hotel is within walking distance.



Singing together is one of the oldest forms of communication – a collective physical and tonal experience in a universal language of sounds and syllables. At selected historic buildings in Lech, we create collective sound spaces. We experience fleeting moments of sound and quiet, melody, harmony and dissonance in different moods. Feel the excitement of your own voice in this encounter with others at special sites. The stations of our circle song with singer-songwriter Robert Pakleppa from Lindau at Lake Constance are the two parish churches in Lech and the Huber Hus museum.



We start our journey of sounds through Lech at the new church which was built in 1975 and serves today as the gathering place for the annual Philosophicum symposium. The structure of this modern sacral space has been kept low, the copper roof gradually rises toward the rear, the windows in the sanctuary afford unobstructed views of the old church and the cemetery. The new building is almost fully coated with copper sheet, which lends it an aura of peace and dignity. We are invited to discover this special site together with vocal artist Robert Pakleppa interactively. This atb_outdoor_experience explores the origin of dialogue and awareness.

Our second station is the Huber Hus museum dating from 1590, a testimony to everyday rural culture. Amongst others, the old cooperage merits a visit, which was abuzz with activity already 200 years ago. Finally, we visit the old parish church of 1390 with its conspicuous onion dome, a well-known landmark of Lech.

We build an individual rapport with all those sites by intuitive singing in the group, and experiencing and testing the effect of old circle rituals, as well as telling stories in dialogue form. This encounter is also meant to be a personal dialogue with the Walser settlement of Lech and the people we meet.