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Fashion with Passion from the Mountains

Atelier Talk with Sonia Zimmermann

Duration: 13:30 – 18:00
Group size: 20 persons
Languages: German | English
Category: Workshop
Location: Atelier Linai & Lenai
Means of transport: On foot



  • 13:00
    Meet and greet Sonia Zimmermann at the “glass tent” in the park of Hotel Arlberg.
  • 14:00 – 17:30
    On a visit of her atelier, you can watch Sonia Zimmermann as she does her thing and find out more about the success story of this unconventional label.
  • 18:00
    Return to the point of departure. From here, your hotel is within walking distance.



Whenever you find hotel team in Lech dressed with unconventional expertise, this could be Sonia Zimmermann’s doing. Walk, felt, loden and wool are the fabrics the Lech fashion designer uses for her unpretentious and refreshing creations. A dressmaker by training, she sews and produces the parts in the neighbouring Klostertal valley and in an atelier in Styria. Her casual and comfortable designs are inspired by the functional, warming clothes people used to wear for work in former times. Sonia Zimmermann sees herself as a happy workaholic. On our visit to her atelier, we cast a glimpse behind the scenes and learn more about the success story of this unconventional label.



Sonia Zimmermann is a woman of courage. Without a business plan and without any proper training, she decided to venture into fashion-making. In 1998, she revamped her store selling silk flower arrangements and converted it into a designer shop. We enter a cheerfully bright room which is lined with what used to be the exterior facade of a barn and with various fabrics.

The small, exquisite outlet in the centre of Lech also serves as laboratory for the designer’s textile experiments. Sonia Zimmermann trained to become an advertising designer in Vienna. From her mother she learnt handicrafts. In her early childhood she discovered wool, one of her preferred materials. At the early age of five, she started to develop a passion for knitting.

Today, jackets, coats, pullovers and accessories are manufactured here. Minimalist in style, it is the small details which catch the eye. The Lenai & Linai collections belligerently defy the mainstream designer goods you can shop everywhere and anywhere. Their name is derived from two sisters from Salzburg who featured in a TV documentary about the Alps.

Sonia Zimmermann lives and works in Lech the whole year round. Her alpine fashion design does not make her rich, but we will find out on that afternoon what is so special about Lenai & Linai and how much Sonia Zimmermann enjoys what she is doing.