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From Formula I to the Schualhus in Zug

Cookery Talk with Joschi Walch

Duration: 13:30- 18:00
Group size: 20 persons
Languages: German | English
Category: Cookery talk
Location: Rote Wand Schualhus Zug
Means of transport: Local bus



  • 13:30
    Meet and greet Joschi Walch at the “glass tent” in the park of Hotel Arlber.
  • 14:00 – 17:30
    Throw a glimpse into the world of Joschi Walch – from Formula I to the Schualhus in Zug
  • 18:00
    Return on the local bus to the starting point. From there, your hotel is within walking distance.



A former caterer for BMW, he used to jet around the world with the Formula I circus. Today, hotelier Joschi Walsch makes his vision of regionality come true in two restaurants at the Schualhus in Zug, the old school building dating from 1780: Down-to-earth at Jausestuba in the former teacher’s room on the ground floor, and experimental at the chef’s table in the former classroom on the upper floor. This project has earned the owner of Rote Wand the title ”most innovative gastronomist 2016”, which is awarded by the Falstaff restaurant guide. Joschi Walch’s invitation to a lecture on local cookery is by no means a theoretical chalk-and-talk experience. We learn, for instance, where the excellent ingredients are sourced. After all, the second great love of our host is clearly his love of agriculture.



“Önsch” means “we, us“ in the local Walser dialect and perfectly encapsulates the self-image of the Walch family of hoteliers. Joschi Walch is the mastermind, owner and visionary. His latest coup is “Rote Wand Schualhus“, an architectural gem and his pet project by which he attempts to establish the chef’s table concept, popular in urban areas, also on the countryside.

Just behind the church, we step into the tiny former school building of this mountain hamlet. In 2015, this history-steeped building was given a careful facelift. The point of our atb_outdoor_exerperience is not to order from the menu, or to enjoy a set dinner at the chef’s table, but to meet Joschi Walch and find out more about what is behind all this. The hotel-keeper is used to think globally and act locally. Doing this, he benefits from his experience as caterer at the Bregenz Festival and at international high-key events in the Formula I and the Alpine ski circus.

With a little luck, we might be able to watch the chef de cuisine Manuel Grabner as he engages in the preparations for the evening, and ask him how he manages to bring out the natural taste of the dishes, which are pared down to the essential, with the aromas of Vorarlberg and the Alps.

For Joschi Walch, what is true in cookery also holds true in building: Everything at the Rote Wand Schualhus is pure craft smanship, using the very best materials and relying on the know-how and skills of the region’s architects and craftspeople. And the hotel-keeper has already a new building project in mind, which is to perfect his vision of holidays in the Alps.