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Questions still outstanding?

This is where you will find the answers.

The “FAQs” heading is aimed at helping you to find answers to general questions about the atb_experience as quickly and easily as possible. However, if you should still have any unanswered questions, please contact your Market Office.

Who can attend the atb_experience?

Attendance at the atb_experience is by invitation only. Every regional tourism organisation has the chance to invite 7 people. In addition to this, ANTO has a further contingent of invites – if you have any questions, please contact your Market Office.

What does it cost to attend?

There ist no attendance fee.

How do I register for the atb_experience?

Registration is made exclusively online and is available from January 2017.

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What happens once I have completed my online registration?

You will automatically be sent an e-mail with your access details for viewing your own personal atb_experience area. If you have any questions, please contact your Market Office.

How do I book a hotel room?

The Austrian National Tourist Office will take care of your hotel booking. Please make sure to publish your exact dates of arrival and departure with your Registration.

What services are included?

  • Participation in all programme points of the atb_experience
  • Hospitality connected with the event
  • A listing in and access to the database of attendees
  • Free use of the virtual area
  • Participation in supporting programme events such as the opening_evening, networking_platform, evening_event, farewell and an outdoor-experience of your choice.
  • Free WLAN during the Event

Am I included in the insurance for the event?

The event organizer is liable for losses by the host, its employees or other third parties attributable to the host in connection with the preparation, conduct or handling of the event only where there is intent or gross negligence.
We wish to draw your attention to the fact that items that are brought to the event are not insured.

Use this link for additional conditions on attendance relating to Austrian hosts to the atb_experience.

Can I invite guests to the atb_experience?

Due to the limit on the numbers of those attending this is not possible . However, we would welcome your personal recommendations. Please contact the ANTO Market Office responsible for your area.

What is meant by the “outdoor_experience”?

During the “outdoor_experiences”, actual offerings under the “Holiday in Austria” brand are made tangible and capable of being experienced for guests.  Over an afternoon, attendees are turned into holidaymakers, finding out in small groups about the offer linked to the respective theme.  The “outdoor_experiences” serve as spaces for active communication and encounters, encouraging interaction and communication between participants and simultaneously facilitating an experience of meaningful activities and products. The aim of the “outdoor_experiences” is to create scope for visions and ideas for new tourism offerings, thus acting as an indirect sales tool.

Who can take part in the “outdoor_experiences”?

Anyone attending the atb_experience.

How many “outdoor experiences” can I take part in?

Each attendee has the opportunity to take part in one “outdoor_experience” of their choice free of charge. However, there is a specified maximum number of guests for each “outdoor_experience”.

What “outdoor_experiences” are available?

Click here for the programmes of “outdoor_experiences”.

Can I announce something/page someone at the event?

General announcements are unfortunately not possible at the atb_experience.

Is there a chance to offer praise, complaints, or constructive criticism?

Following the atb_experience, there will be an online questionnaire, and all guests and hosts will receive an e-mail inviting them to fill it in.  Participants can use this online questionnaire to let us know about anything important to them.

Is smoking permitted on-site?

No. The atb_experience is a non-smoking event. However, there will be designated smoking areas.